Sunday, January 4, 2009


Episode 16 is just about ready to be edited together, and will be posted shortly thereafter. Granted, this episode has taken a ridiculously long time to put together, but the cruel gods that govern this universe repeatedly placed obstructions in its way. I spent virtually the entire month of December huddling in a nest of blankets due to the non-functionality of my house's 50 year old heating system. I was able to have the entire thing replaced, and am now toasty warm -- but have contracted some sort of viral infection in my throat, causing me to lose my voice. That is now starting to return to normal, but I'm also having some problems with my video editing software.

Despite all of this, I plan to get Episode 16 up soon, with Episode 17 right around the corner.


Qun Mang said...

Wow, you really have had a couple of bad months. Just so you know, you have had at least one fan waiting with anticipation for your next release and checking several times a week for the last several weeks. Well, hopefully all should be over now- at least you got all the bad luck over with at once...

And I see you have the new episode up! Downloading now. Thanks. :)

Doctor Sparkle said...

Well, it was certainly a relief to finally get a new episode up. It felt like I had some unfinished business hovering over my head all the time. Luckily, Episode 17 won't take so long.