Thursday, April 16, 2009

Problems with Chronsega 3

As some of you have noticed, there have been some sound problems with Chronsega 3; namely the streaming and MP-4 versions feature audio running at a different speed than the video, causing some major out-of-syncedness. I've uploaded the original file again, and had Archive rederive them, but the problem still exists. I'm not sure why.

So for the time being, I've pulled those two versions. I've downloaded the avi and ogg versions, which seem fine. So, I apologize to all you streaming video and MP-4 fans. For those with "fat pipes" I recommend the avi version; the picture quality is very good. For those of you who want a smaller file, but don't have anything capable of playing ogg, might I suggest Video Lan, the well loved, open source video player that plays pretty much everything? Considering that VLC is free and very useful, you might as well download a copy.

Thanks to the fine folks who pointed out the problem so quickly. Might I humbly request that if any similar problems occur in the future, by all means - let me know. Any problems with the episodes (other than being full of misinformation, bad judgements and general lameness. But feel free to point those out as well. I'm not some delicate, sensative internet wuss who will freak out when someone calls me out on my bullshit) are things that probably slipped by me.

For those just tuning in, read the Chronsega Episode 3 post here, or just scroll down.


Kahless_GOA said...

Yeah, I realized this when I was watching, and it was kinda difficult to resync with mplayer...but also it was watchable, and I am very (and happily) suprised that you make the effort and redo this one entirely. Big kudos from me!

Lynxara said...

It was a great episode once I checked out a version with sound sync, so I think it was worth the effort.

Alex Kidd in High-Tech World was mind-blowingly bad. Is Super Mario Bros. 2 out in the US at the point where Sega decides to release it?