Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ZX Spectrum Madness

Hey everybody! Chrontendo Episode 30 should out before too long. For right now, I just wanted to point out to all you fans of really horrendous computer systems that seems to have gone sort of Spectrum crazy lately. At Retronauts, they've started up a new series called "Spectrum Analyzer", with about 5 or entries so far. So if you've ever wondered why British folks of a certain age get all weak in the knees at the mention of the word "Dizzy," here's the place to find out.

And if that's not enough, there's even a gallery of the worst Spectrum box art, which is really quite eye-opening.

So, for those curious about "The Yugo of Home Computers", break out a bottle a of Carling, pop open a tin of Spotted Dick, and check it out.

In similar oddball territory, the HG101 blog has had numerous interesting posts lately, often about the international video game scene. But perhaps nothing as jaw-dropping as this write-up on the Korean Street Figther II animated movie.

I think this picture pretty much says it all.


Cornervizion said...

Thanks for the link there Dr S. As you gathered I'm a big Speccy fan, And it's even cooler when someone from the US acknowledges Uncle Clive's Legendary micro. I'll put a good word in so you can enjoy US/UK Dual Citizenship! :-)

Anyway looking at the artwork, even the professional software houses know how to cock-up their covers. The "Action Force 2" Quick-Kick dosen't even look like the action figure. It would've been better to use the cartoon images.

One more thing have you've seen "Micro-Men" by any chance? It's a comedy/drama about Clive Sinclair and Chris Curry who founded Acorn Computers?

Oh. If you haven't tried Carling lager yet.. Don't it's pretty awful. But Spotted Dick is very tasty, (Not spotted Richard as some places like to call it)

Chris Sobieniak said...

Heh, never much cared or the ZX Spectrum despite being an American who's older brother played with a Commodore 64 back in the day.

That kind of Korean knock-off anime stuff was very common back in the 80's and 90's. There's a whole rather painful history on that one I could share.

Jonothan said...

"That kind of Korean knock-off anime stuff was very common back in the 80's and 90's. There's a whole rather painful history on that one I could share."
Sounds like the makings of a blog! :D

Chris Sobieniak said...

There's a few links out there that already discuss this (my work is done essentially)! Basically, they lift certain designs, concepts and ideas from more popular Japanese productions and made their own movies as a result (though some American gleanings have occurred as well).

Here's one fine example!

They've gotten better about it in later years, though I still feel they lack a little in the writing process.

Doctor Sparkle said...

Micro-Men looks pretty funny. Was Sir Clive Sinclair really that big of a maniac I wonder? And I guess nowadays, you can get knighted just by making a lot of money, as opposed to defending the realm or whatever?

Carling is apparently the biggest selling beer in the UK. For any Americans suffering from inferiority complexes (and I know plenty), when Europeans sneer about things like our bad taste in beer - be aware that they drink just as much bad beer in other countries as we do here. Carling, Carlsberg, Stella Artois, Heineken, Fosters, Victoria Bitter, Molson: all generic lagers just as bad or worse than Bud.

The Korean animation scene looks pretty crazy - sort of the animated equivalent of all those Turkish & Indian versions of Western films. Too bad most of that stuff never leaves its home country, but I'm sure every country has its subcultures that it doesn't want outsiders to see. Korea would much rather export Kim Ki Duk and Lee Chang Dong movies than this stuff. And Japan is undoubtedly not pleased that Rapelay and its like was discovered by the West. I assume the US is the same way... I'm going to hope that no one outside of this country has heard of Jersey Shore, right?

qaylIS / Kahless_GOA said...

Amen to the beer thing Doc, if you ever tried the dutch Grolsch, you think you have redefine your taste of beer...because it is one, but tastes like dish water. But even better than british ale, I can't get that inside my stomach, it sickens me. Though the dark ale, like Killkenny or Guiness is swell after 2 litres or so.

And I cared for the ZX Spectrum, but for the ZX 81, not the later models. It was still monochrome and very primitve, but very cool, if you had fun programming your own games. Though today it would not something I would enjoy actually... .

Cornervizion said...

I'm not sure of the ins and outs of Sir Clive's Psyche, Dr.S but he was in the news recently that he has married a woman half his age, But when you get to see "Micro-Men" the most riduclous incident that's shown did actually happen.

Funny thing about our "Knights Of The Realm" can you actually imagine, Ian McKellen, Elton John and Derek Jocobi marching up the fields of Agincourt or having historical legends written about them?

Agree with the British Beer it's awful, German beer is the type I prefer and Budweiser is gorgeous (But Pricey)

Doctor Sparkle said...

One problem with Grolsch is that the green bottles don't provide much protection from UV light, which can break down isohumulone molecules in the beer. Then the components of these molecules can reform into thiols, which taste awful. This is why you need to add lime to Corona to make it semi-drinkable. Green bottled beers tend to have this problem, like Heineken or Rolling Rock, the cheap stuff the AVGN drinks.

I think my favorite modern day knight must be Sir Run Run Shaw. I love Shaw Bros Kung-Fu movies... but it does seem a little weird that he got knighted.

There's a lot of good beer from the UK, but it seems you never see it in it pubs in the UK. Seems like every pub I've been to in London has Fosters, Bud, Stella, Guinness, & Carling on tap, whereas at my local American "British Pub" you can get Boddington, Bass, Old Speckled Hen, Newcastle and three types of Fullers on tap.

Cornervizion said...

Anyone ever seen "The Fast Show"? There's a spoof spanish/portugese/welsh channel called "Channel 9" and they did a spoof beer advert which reminds me of Corona. They call it "Pissi Bir"

Doctor Sparkle said...

Ha! "Put a lime in the top." Definitely based on Corona. Mexicans have a weird relationship with Corona. It's a bit of cliche to state that Mexicans don't drink it, only Americans do. But it is still the biggest selling beer inside Mexico. It can't just be the tourists drinking it.

That's it. Starting now, I'm going to officially make Chrontendo a beer blog.

Chris Sobieniak said...

A lot of these Korean movies do show up however in the oddest of places (like the $1 DVD bin at Walmart).

I had to pick up one years ago called "SuperKid" that definitely would remind you of something better...