Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yes, Many of Us Hate Gamestop, but...

In a bizarre and shocking occurrence in my hometown, a man walked into Gamestop and started a fire.  Unfortunately, said Gamestop was inside a rather large mall; due to malls being large, unconfined areas with lots of flammable material, the fire is now burning wildly out of control.  And the last thing any store owner in this ecomony wants is for their shop to be burned down right at the start of the holiday season!  The moral is: while Gamestop is sort of a despicable place, you really shouldn't set them on fire.  Surprisingly, "Roseville Galleria" has become a trending topic on Twitter due to this.

Also: as hinted at a couple posts ago, I am currently working on a new version of Chrontendo Episode 2.  This shouldn't take too long, as I'm simply playing games I've already played before and recording improved voiceovers.  I'm also working on another special project.

In the meantime, I'll be trying to stay sane over the mother-in-law situation.


Chris Osborne said...

Ah, Game Stop. I really wish they would all just burn to the ground. Not that I'm condoning this, but stil...

I went in recently to get the newest Madden and MLB: The Show because I had birthday money to blow. They got so hung up on the fact that I got the PS2 versions. I realize it's a system on its last legs, but mine still works and I still use it.

Chris Sobieniak said...

It's pathetic when one bad apple has to spoil it for the whole bunch. Hopefully this does not become a trend at malls everywhere.

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