Saturday, September 26, 2009

So Hey There!

I've finally finished the last game this episode, Konami's wacky and impossible Zelda clone, Dragon Scroll. I'm not sure why, but I felt the need to see this game through to the end. Probably because I knew the final battle would be dragon-on-dragon action, something you didn't see in too many video games back then.

So now's there's a chance I'll be able to slap together episode 25 over the next few days. Incidentally, Dragon Scroll is one of four Konami games this time. Sadly, it's the only one of much interest.


Anonymous said...

I'm watching every episode in order and I'm up to episode 17 right now. What I have noticed is that you keep mispronouncing the company name Tecmo as "Temco" in every mention so far, even when you have their giant red TECMO logo displayed on screen. In fact, you go as far as to misspell Tecmo as "Temco" in your description of the Rygar review and refer to the famous football game Tecmo Bowl as "Temco" Bowl. "Tecmo" is not "Kemco" with a K; notice the 'm' and the 'c' are in different places. Besides that, good luck with the series.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say:
"Tecmo" is not "Kemco" with a T; the 'c' and the 'm' are in a different place.

Anonymous said...

Okay, just watched episode 22. You said Tecmo correctly. Glad you caught the mistake yourself.

Doctor Sparkle said...

This issue with "Tecmo" was discussed a while back, and I've since made a note to myself to be more careful with that name. There are a number of verbal slips in Chrontendo (I refer to a jet plane as a "ship" in Episode 25" for some reason) that don't always get caught prior to release. In real life, I have a slight stammer and am sometimes prone to metathesis. Perhaps doing a podcast isn't a great idea for someone with those sorts of issues, but I guess there's no turning back now.

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