Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hey F-F-Folks!

A few bits of news for y'all. Chrontendo 32 is fast approaching completion. Blaster Master is the last major chunk of work that needs to be done. So I hope to have it up in few days. Just like Episode 31, it will feature 13 games, and the second half of the huge segment on adventure games.

Also, looky here. It's another chronogaming site, this time focusing on the Game Boy Advance! And it features dual-commentary on each game, ala Siskel and Ebert, except with two different colored tentacles instead of a fat guy and a skinny guy. Thankfully, these are Maniac Mansion type tentacles, not, you know... the other kind.

On a personal level, I'm still hanging in there with the mother-in-law. I'm a bit worried about her mental state; hopefully it's her pain pills she's that are causing her to act a bit goofy. And for some reason, she requested that I rent the movie The Blind Side for her. If you've never seen the film... well, it takes an inherently interesting true story and turns into an insulting, repellent piece of Hollywood storytelling at its worst. I was only able to sit through about an hour. Probably the most terrible Oscar-nominated film I've seen since Crash -- though I haven't seen The Reader.


Chris Osborne said...

You're the first person I've heard say that the hate The Blind Side. The worst I've heard from other people is that it isn't accurate enough, and I can't speak to that at all.

Anonymous said...

To give a thorough, nuanced, even-handed review: The Reader sucks. You're not missing anything.

qaylIS / Kahless_GOA said...

Well, its always a thing with highly praised movies. I heard "The English Patient" sucked ass, but I really enjoyed watching it, though many people say its a chick flick. And I heard Chocolat was great for every gender, and I found it painfully boring. I just wanna say, I don't know "The Blind Side", but if you say its won an Academy Award, but still sucks...I maybe don't want to see it.
My recommendation: Get your mother-in-law "Requiem for a Dream", its painfully realistic, and is about drugs. I recommend this movie for everyone who's live is down in the gutters, cause after watching this movie you think youre the king of the world.

Oh,m and btw, Super Mario Bros. just got 25. There is an nice retrovideo about Super Mario games, and a cool ad on japanese Television. And Nintendo sells a Super Mario everything box in were screwed with this one in the Western hemisphere.
Heres a link for a little articel with both videos, lookie here:

Ruben Kraken said...

Nice to hear 32 is coming along.

I ninja vanished for a little while, but finally returned and added episode 11 to the archive. More to come.

Chris Osborne said...

Oh, speaking of the whole 25th anniversary thing, Chrontendo got a mention on MetaFilter again. The entire thread is cool, but here's the comment that brings it up.

It's nice to have an excuse to share over there, especially since they're the ones that showed me this in the first place.

Doctor Sparkle said...

Hey, RK! Glad to see you are back. I assumed the Episode Guide was dead, but I'm happy to hear it's been revived.

The Blind Side actually got a nom for best picture in 2009, which surprised a lot of critics. I guess the Academy felt they needed a "socially relevant" film that didn't involve CGI aliens on the ballot.

I've never seen Requiem, simply because I hated Aronofsky's first movie, Pi, so much. It struck me as being simultaneously very ignorant and very pretentious. But I liked The Wrestler, so maybe one of these days...

That new Mario set looks pretty dope; hopefully it will released here as well. Seems like Nintendo wouldn't pass up the opportunity to make a buck.