Saturday, September 4, 2010

Week Two of Personal Hell

OK, so that's just a bit of typical whiny, internety overstatement. But suddenly having to take full responsiblity for another person's every waking move certainly shakes up your complacent lifestyle. My wife and I were somewhat prepared for this, since we had taken in my 97 year old grandfather a few years back. But his general attitude towards life was quite a bit different than my mother-in-law's. I'm sure a good deal of her peculiar behavior has to do with the heavy-duty painkillers she's on. But she's still a very strange person: only a few years older than my own mother, but she acts like she came from an entirely different generation. I can't help but think of her more as a grandmother figure than a mother-in-law.

One way this effects Chrontendo is the loud, hot, oxygen-compressing machine that ended up getting stuffed into my office. It's impossible to record any commentary with that thing running. From time to time it will be turned off, or I might be able to move it elsewhere temporarily. But it will slow down production of Episode 32 a bit.

On the positive side, I think all the video for the highly informative second half of the History of Adventure Games is recorded, with only minor technical glitches on a few of the games.

I'll try to post regularly until Episode 32 is up. Expect a report on the PC-FX dating sim Welcome to Pia Carrot very soon.


Anonymous said...

Take your time.
I for one, know how hard things in life can be.

I wait as long as it take
for a new episode. :)

Anonymous said...

Having just finished grad school only to move back in with my in-laws, I can sympathize. :)

As much as I'd love to see another episode, it's more important that you keep your sanity along the way.

We'll wait. :)


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