Thursday, September 23, 2010

Moving Right Along

Tough times for chronogamers, it seems.  The original Chronogamer (at least, he's where I took the name from) has been silent for some time.  I ♥ The PC Engine has been put on the back burner, due to work, apparently.  Pre-Sonic Genesis seems to have similar issues with school.  And retro-themed podcast Pixel Dreams, after having recovered from  the "beer spilled on laptop" (perhaps a euphemism for a bongwater spill?) incident, have not released an episode in many months.  Well, no one ever said devotion to retrogaming was easy.  Fortunately, Juggle Chainsaws and GBA Weekly are still operating on schedule.  Does anyone know of any other chronogaming folks out there on the web?

Well, after our epic last episode, Chrontendo will be returning to a more regular schedule since the damned History of Adventure Games thing is out of the way.  I hope folks liked it.  Occasionally it's nice to throw something other than Famicom games into the mix.  Episode 33 shouldn't take as long as the last two episodes -- in the back of mind, I'm always thinking that I need to cover games faster than they were originally released.  We have what I hope are 4 good games this time around, including a long-time Capcom favorite: Bionic Commando.

Naturally, we've also got plenty of ridiculous crap, including Mr. Gold - Kinsan in the Space.  Whenever gaming sites come up with those lists of  video games with the worst titles, this one always gets overlooked.  I think it's the extraneous "the" that really put it over the top.

Yes, the game starts out with a musical introduction involving a pink haired lady singing a tender love ballad at the piano.  And this for a sci-fi adventure game?


Anonymous said...

Oh man, Blaster Master in episode 32 and now my favourite game of all time, Bionic Commando.

Doctor Sparkle, I gotta say, I am a HUGE FAN of yours. I really appreciate what you're doing with Chrontendo. I can say without hyperbole it's the best piece of games journalism I've ever consumed. That little history of adventure games last episode was like the tastiest gravy.

Keep it up!

Green Tentacle said...

Macross sense tingling.

qaylIS aka Nicolas Deußer said...

To complete your list of Retro-stuff stopping, 1UPs Podcast Retronauts, will be taken from the net. There will be a last episode, number 99, and then it is off. I think I have to suppress some tears when I listen to this final podcast. Good that you're still there Doc.

Lynxara said...

Knowing that "Mr. Gold" and "Kinsan" mean basically the same thing makes that title somehow worse.

Doctor Sparkle said...

Mr. Gold is a sci-fi update of famous samurai Touyama no Kin-san. I guess they figured the English "Mr. Gold" sounded more futuristic? You can't go around calling yourself Kin-san in the year 20XX now can you? The game's from Toei, so stupid titles should not surprise us.

Too bad about Retronauts, though I'm hoping their new video blog will be decent.

Chris Osborne said...

I've been trying to find people and it just isn't happening. Like you I've seen a lot of people start it and just stop without a public reason.

I'd love to find someone else who's doing it. But I understand that it's a hard thing to pull off.

Brian said...

Here's one that I just found: CRPG Addict He's attempting to go through every RPG ever released for the PC. 25 games in, he's in 1986. Lots of depth, lots of fun if you have any fond memories about that stuff.

Super Boy Alan said...

I'm not chronogaming, per se, so this might not count for your purposes, but I've been running a blog that eventually aims to beat and review every US-released NES game in no particular order. Progress is slow as of late, and I'm way behind on reviews (and need to update the main page), but if you're interested, check out and see what you think.