Thursday, March 10, 2011

I've Been Working on Chrontendo, Really!

Granted, I haven't gotten that much done since the last post, but I've had distractions.  I've just started playing 3D Dot Game Heroes, and to make matters worse, it's barleywine season. This means high-calorie, high-alcohol beers that make me fat and lazy.  But Bigfoot Ale only comes once a year, so what choice do I have?

Also, I keep getting killed or arrested in Déjà Vu...

In linked-to-Chrontendo related news, I see some folks are coming in from Reddit.  Hi, everybody.

Update!  I was at last able to walk into a police station without getting instantly handcuffed and arrested, thus beating Déjà Vu!


Helm said...

Hah! We solved Deja Vu over screencast a while ago. It's a good game to play with friends, madly infuriating to play alone. I'll just give you a hint for the most annoying part of the game: That whirlpool in the sewers? It's useful for the endgame and the endgame only. That's all I'll say.

We played the PC version, not so sure how the NES version measures up, though. I hope the puzzles are the same.

It's the sort of game where if you mess up, you restart it and do the right things in 5 minutes, save at an actual safe spot and start experimenting again from there.

Chris Osborne said...

The wife swears that I watched an episode without her.

Tork said...

There was an old Nintendo Power that spoiled all of Deja Vu. That's what I liked about classic Nintendo Power. They treated NES games like stories so you could read about a game and imagine playing it.

Sean said...

I might be misremembering, but in Deja Vu, don't they not give you enough money to do all the things you need (i.e. cab trips), so that even in a 'ideal' runthrough you are forced to gamble at the casino to get enough to finish? It's been a long time, but that is what sticks out in my mind - that your success or failure is basically down to sheer dumb luck. That's also probably why it is my least favorite of the MacVenture NES games (other than the penalty for experimenting seems much more dire).

Doctor Sparkle said...

Compared to Sierra games, Deja Vu is pretty user friendly. The NES version generally allows you to restart a screen or two before you got killed. And as long as you don't run out of money for cabs, I think you can always go back to an earlier area if you missed something.

Once you discovered the slot machine, you can never run out of money, since an extra quarter will appear if you're broke. But playing slots is never fun in video games, IMHO.

I think the worst part is the busywork like actions of always needed to "open" doors before you can enter them, or have to "open" your wallet, then "take" money, then "use" money in order to buy something

garsh said...

How are you liking 3D Dot Game Heroes?

I found the greatest success by using a sword with the greatest potential for length and full piercing. My habit was to max out piercing first, then length, so in most situations I was able to walk to the middle of most rooms, do a circular slice once or twice and I'd be the only one left standing.

Since that game allows for such things, it sort of shifts the focus from tedious combat more toward exploration and puzzle solving -- compared to Legend of Zelda. That's one of the things I enjoyed most.

Doctor Sparkle said...

I definitely like 3DDGH from what I've played so far. I love all the references to old NES games, like a "poof poof" gag ripped directly from Dragon Quest. It's quite a bit of fun. The music is great, too.

For those not familiar with the game, you have a hilariously large sword and swords can be suggestively enlarged for a price. Though this seems to be more of a goof on FF VII than on older games.