Monday, January 16, 2012

Hey Everybody!

In case anyone's wondering -- yes, I know the new episode is late. I'll level with you folks. My mother had surgery last week, and my time has consumed by filing legal paper work, driving back and forth to the hospital, sleeping poorly, and worrying a lot.

Let me stress that this was not some unexpected, emergency-type surgery. It was completely planned, and everything went fine. My mother's pretty tough, so I'm sure she'll recover quickly.

In the meantime, I'd like you folks to be aware that I'm not just sitting on my ass smoking dank and watching Rob Schneider movies or something. I would never deliberately watch a Rob Schneider movie.  Hell, I've been so busy lately I haven't even had time to check out any of the games from the new Humble BundleVVVVVVV (not sure about the number of "V"s,) and Super Meat Boy are calling my name, but will have to wait.

I'll post another "Classic" Chrontendo episode on Youtube soon, just to tide people over for Episode 43.


Badoor said...

I hope you and your mom are well. Anyway, Rob Schneider "upgraded?" from crappy offensive lowest-common denominator movies to the brand new realm of crappy offensive lowest common-denominator sitcoms.

qaylIS aka Nicolas Deußer said...

I saw a Rob Schneider movie once deliberately...back when I didn't know the guy. Though I never found out why he does have a career. I heard he is friends with Ben Stiller who feeds him through with crappy comedies produced by his shitty company. But this doesn't explain why Ben Stiller has a career also. I don't get todays american comedy... .

matt.mcneely said...

No worries. Take your time.

Skymaster T said...

Rob Schneider is such a funny comic that it's baffling how his movies can be so unfunny. Maybe he should get together with Chris Rock and make the worst movie ever.

plsburydoughboy said...

I hope for the best for your mom.

On a tangent, I'd been burning your episodes onto DVD to watch offline, and waiting for this one to fill out the 4.7 GB I need to make the next one. Just wanted to share, my next home made DVD is waiting on when you finish Episode 43 lol :D

Kamiboy said...

Rob who?

Speaking of ways to watch these videos. Has the good doctor considered putting his episodes on iTunes as a video poscast?

Having iTunes automatically download and sync the newest specimen sure would make for a more comfortable viewing.

I know there is the youtube channel, but I really rather prefer iTunes for watching shows spanning many episodes as then you can rely on your device to keep on eye on how far you've made it in each episode and how many episodes you've watched.

Best wishes for you and any ailing family members.

Zenic Reverie said...

@Skymaster T: It already happened, it's called Grown Ups (with Adam Sandler thrown in for good measure).

Doctor Sparkle said...

Does Rob Schneider do stand-up? I had no idea. I mostly know him from SNL as the guy who gives his co-workers stupid nicknames, and from his terrible movies.

Ben Stiller is sort of strange case, as he was started off his career being very respected and slowly became more popular and terrible. The Ben Stiller Show is still legendary for its writing staff - Judd Apatow, David Cross, Bob Odenkirk & others. Hell, Mr. Show is virtually a Ben Stiller Show spin-off. And Stiller did direct Heat Vision and Jack, which gives a lifetime pass in my book. Greenberg was pretty good.

How could anyone sit through Grown Ups? Schneider, Sandler, Kevin James AND David Spade!? That's like every shitty comedian packed into one movie.

I've never even remotely considered iTunes. Supposedly they are a big deal? I'll look into it.

elblanco said...

Hope your mom gets well quick!

qaylIS aka Nicolas Deußer said...

When I had the worst mp3 player I had ever seen, an iPod Classic, I used to convert your episodes to a format it could read, and watch while on the train. Though the firmware from the iPod, and apple in general, sucks monkey dick, the displays are really good, especially for low-tech videos. I didn't use iTunes (because it really eats your memory and your disc space like crackers), but I can imagine that it can be a big help for lazy people.

Raffa said...

Take your time, no ****** episode is more important than your family.

Kevin "k8track" Moon said...

I hope your mother has recovered and even stronger and badassier than before. I assume the surgery was a standard weapons and power upgrade? If there's one thing I know about the Dr. Sparkle family, it's that their Promethean DNA will always prevail.

It is so cool that you happened to mention VVVVVV immediately after I discovered and became obsessed with it myself. What a great little gem that is! Totally like an old C64 game (and indeed, I believe that someone has been working on programming such a conversion). It would also work really well on the NES. I just wish there were a way I could use one of my Atari VCS joysticks with it!

To tide myself over until the next new Chrontendo/Sega/Turbo (and believe me, I understand you need to take care of real life business, so take your time), I've been going back and rewatching all the episodes from the beginning. It was a good opportunity to finally watch the re-recorded versions of episodes 1 and 2, which were substantial improvements.

Not that you'd really need to, but were you planning on ever re-recording episode 3? If so, there were at least a couple of things that I noted could be expanded upon. The Dig Dug segment, for example, was only 2 minutes, and it seemed that it could be expanded a bit. It occurred to me that that would be a good opportunity to compare the NES version against the many other console versions of the time, as well as giving some more background about the game (assuming there is any information to give). Also, in Wrecking Crew, you could talk about Spike a little more, as well as the hidden items, such as spelling out M, A, R, I, O, and especially the very secret, hard-to-find magic hammer which allows you to destroy everything in one quick smash and smite the enemies. Again, though, those are just suggestions if you had already been planning on updating episode 3, which is great the way it is.

Looking forward to seeing you again!

Chris Sobieniak said...

Hope all things are doing fine for you.

Thinking back to a previous Chronturbo episode, I see someone out there fansubbed two seasons of the anime that the "Keith Courage" game came from. So there's no excuse if anyone curiously is interested in checking this out illegitimately.