Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hair Like the Feathers of a One Winged Angel

While at the office today, I saw the most extraordinary thing. A female co-worker had some perfect looking modern-day Japanese videogame hair.  The hair seemed to separate itself into many dozens of spiky-but-not-too-spiky little subdivisions that stuck out at slightly unnatural angles and moved away from the scalp in parabolic arcs. Oddly, all the little spikes looked soft, unlike the spikes in a Jersey Shore type hairstyle. The lady didn't look like an animoo/otoku geek type chick, but regardless, she was rocking some totally Final Fantasy Crisis Core cutscene style hair. (I suspect this same hairstyle might also be worn by K-Pop bands or something, but I'm not 100% sure.) I don't know what prompts someone to style their hair in such a manner, but, man, it looks like a lot of work.

This girl is one of the characters from Crisis Core, right?

In more Chrontendo related news, I'm posting all the old Chronsega episodes on Youtube in preparation for Chronsega 7. More Chrontendo episodes will follow in the near future.

I'm sure you guys have been following the game news lately, but there seems to be some upsurge in the vast, unwashed masses of videogame fans making a noticeable impact on the decision making processes of videogame companies. There was that whole "Operation Rainfall" which seems to have produced a US release for The Last Story as well as Xenoblade.  Bioware is now supposed to be preparing a response to the fan outcry over the ending of Mass Effect 3. Also, you have perhaps seen the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter thing? Proving the Double Fine adventure game was not a fluke, fans ponied up a million bucks in a few days, just for a sequel cultish 80's computer game.  I'm sure all this caused thousands of Sega enthusiasts to suddenly start dreaming of a Shenmue 3 Kickstarter.

Anyway, it's just odd that as democracy seems to be waning in larger public sphere (increasingly restrictive "anti-terrorism" laws, crackdowns on internet usage, etc, ) it has started flourishing in the world of electronic games.

I've updated the links recently. A couple interesting sites have been added. In terms of insane chronogaming type projects, we have The RPG Consoler, a fellow who is playing every console RPG (as the name would seem to imply.) So far, he is up to the first  Dragon Quest. These things usually end in a very tragic type of mental breakdown, so wish the poor fellow well.

There has been some traffic coming in from a blog called Why Modern Video Games Suck, which turns out to be not as curmudgeonly as it sounds. He actually likes lots of modern games! But he does find old school gaming principles endearing, so the blog is definitely worth a read.

Chronsega 7 is mostly recorded, so expect some news soon.


Knurek said...
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Knurek said...

In other sort of chronogaming news, you might also want to take a look at Portable Music History located here:

Currently 4 new soundtracks from handheld games delivered daily.

qaylIS aka Nicolas Deußer said...

The last job I worked we had a trainee with hair that looked like it was made by Akira Toriama. Like a younger version of chrono...and he also was asian. Was a really nice and friendly guy though... .

klarthailerion said...

FYI, the upload for Chronsega Episode 3 on Youtube is actually Episode 2. (Episode 2 is also Episode 2, but that one probably should be so it's no big deal.)

Doctor Sparkle said...

The real Chronsega 3 is now up. I uploaded these two episodes simultaneously, so something got a a little skew-whiff.

matt.mcneely said...

I'm guessing you mean Chronsega is mostly recorded?

I feel like that hair style was popular with punk/alternative type girls in the late 90's and early 2000's. It was then eventually appropriated by very uncool middle aged women and older. It probably came in various varieties and I may not be thinking of exactly the Final Fantasy style you describe, but nonetheless it's pretty odd to see an adult in the year 2012 with such a fussy do.

Doctor Sparkle said...

Right, Chronsega is what I meant. Damn, I was on a real roll yesterday.

I do recall the "just got out of bed" hair style being big in the 90s/00s, with strands of hair poking out in carefully controlled chaos. I guess Final Fantasy hair is a cross between that and Justin Beiber hair.

Kamiboy said...

I find the phenomenon of a tiny group of vocal fans getting to have things their way by way of a storm of bemoanings and dissatisfaction is less reminiscent of democracy and more of the instances in history where a small but passionate political group somehow ended up pulling off a coup d'état.

Of course in politics such events almost always end up being to the detriment of all in the long run for obvious reasons.