Sunday, March 17, 2013

St Paddy's Day Mini Post

Seeing as St. Patrick's Day falls on a Sunday this year, there will be no wild debauchery for me tonight. If any of you are also staying in tonight, please celebrate by listening to the greatest Irish song ever recorded, as sung by the greatest Irish band.

Many a modern day hipster would fall to the ground weeping if they gazed upon those beards. What's the second best Irish song ever? According to my calculations, it must be Thin Lizzy's "Whiskey in the Jar." After that? I dunno.... maybe "If I Should Fall From Grace of God" by the Pogues? Does "Gloria" count as an Irish song?

If you have some free time to read up on old arcade game manufacturers, I strongly suggest you check out this exhaustive, 12-part history of Cinematronics on the Golden Age Arcade Historian website. Cinematronics were formed in 1975 by two players in the San Diego Chargers and became a specialist in vector graphics arcade games. Their most famous vector title was Star Castle, which they followed up with a series of flops. After flirting with insolvency for a few years, they ended up with another massive hit: the laser disc game Dragon's Lair.  Then Cinematronics had another fallow period, and were eventually bought by Tradewest in 1987. The series is meticulously researched and illustrated, though there are some weird formatting issues like changes in fonts sizes. Also, there are no tags or indexes that allow you to pull up all the entries, so you'll need to pick them out of the archives listing. The final entry was posted in February. The Golden Age Arcade Historian is a really great and informative site, so check it out if you're not already familiar with it. Some serious research goes into this guy's posts.

Star Castle. This probably looks familiar.

Also, please don't call it Saint "Patty's" Day.


Iron Peach said...

Star Castle is probably a sexual metaphor.

Doctor Sparkle said...

Not "probably"... definitely. Star Castle started out as an in vivo fertilization themed game. The laser was a syringe of spermicide. The name was "Oops!" Once realizing how good it was, the altered the subject matter to something more acceptable.

Skymaster T said...

That Dubliner dude on the bottom right looks like he probably drank himself to death by now.

Doctor Sparkle said...

I believe four out of those five are dead. Ronnie Drew, however, was felled by smoking rather than drinking.

GreyGraffiti said...

Hello Dr. Sparkle.

I found something that might help your overall judgment of Famicom/NES games:

As you will find out, "aabbcc" is attempting to collect every Famicom game's ending(s).

For bonus stuff, he/she also tries to put in the final boss/challenge for each documented game.

Occasionally, interesting scenes are also inserted (such as the Golgo 13 games you've just Chrontendoed).

The list is not in any particular order and a few games will be uploaded more than once.

But it's better than having to endure playing through horrible games/moments to earn those endings.

If you don't already have a Nicovideo account or don't want to go through the trouble, try using:

Just add a "/" then the "sm#" from the original video, then with the page all ready, press the play button (but not the video part of the video screen - you will be taken to Nicovideo's sign-in page) and enjoy! It even scrolls most of the commentary from the original video! (and you can disable that here too!)

On the rare instance that a video, even though fully loaded, simply just stops about 5 mins before ending, that would be an error with Nicovideo's server (I've only encountered this error once with "aabbcc"'s videos) Try to watch the video with this particular error during the morning before Nicovideo changes to high quality at 11 AM.

I hope this helps, and I wish you luck in Chrontendoing (and your other projects).

Unknown said...

Thought I'd mention that Reronauts is doing a Kickstarter.

They already have enough funding for weekly podcasts for a year. They added so e stretch goals to make it a permanent website etc. Anyway I got in on one of the reward tiers to choose a mini episode they will be doing in in off weeks. And I'm seriously thinking of making Chrontendo, or chronogaming, my topic for the short form podcast. In any case I'd really reccomend throwing some money their way to support a cool Retrogaming podcast. They got a lot of low tier rewards like DVDs and stickers and thirst etc still available. Or just chip in 10 bucks to support Retrogaming. They are after all how I found out about this site.

Kevin "k8track" Moon said...

I had a great St. Patty's day! It started out on a down note, because it was wet and mutty outside and I noticed the shotty workmanship the contractors did on my back deck. But after going inside and drinking a hot totty and listening to some Getty Lee and Tetty Pendergrass, I was feeling gitty.

Doctor Sparkle said...

Kevin, am I mistaken in thinking you're English? Do they celebrate St. Patrick's Day in England? I am under the impression they don't like the Irish over there.

Fantastic news about Retronauts. I assume IGN is okay with them using the name?

Kevin "k8track" Moon said...

Ach, nae! I'm from Illinois. But I'm chuffed to bits that you thought so and I take no offence.

killias2 said...

Wait wait wait wait wait wait...


New Godspeed?!!! WHAT

**runs off to Google and Wikipedia