Saturday, May 18, 2013

Almost Done/Chrontendo Twitter

Here's your Friday late night post. What I hope is the final cut of Chronturbo Episode 4 is being processed now. Assuming there are no horrible mistakes discovered in the completed video, it should be up on Archive tomorrow, followed by the Youtube version.

Chrontendo 4 is another long one, people. An hour and a half. I really need to keep this shit under control. Why do I need to spend three minutes talking about the most generic, boring, Tose-developed golf game in existence? I dunno man. It must be the beast within.

"Every single one us, a devil inside...." Oh god, the 80s were awesome.
File this under more exciting news: Chrontendo is finally on Twitter! Yes, somehow one of the most  long-winded dudes is now being forced to adhere to a 140 character limit. What will you find on the Chrontendo Twitter? Mostly stupid bullshit, just like every other Twitter account. But you will also find updates on Chrontendo progress. So for those who wonder, "Is Dr. Sparkle working on the new episode or not?", and "If Dr. Sparkle is not working on Chrontendo, then what is he doing?"  -- well, then I guess the Twitter has the answers for you.

Anyway.... @chrontendo. Check it out. Delve into the psyche of Dr. Sparkle. There's even a link on the right hand side of this page. What's next? A Chrontendo Tumblr is in the works. And then? Chrontendo Pinterest? Chrontendo Chat Roulette? Who knows?


Brain Breaker said...

Here's something I thought you might find kind of amusing:

It's a clip from a TV Tokyo special called "Kagayake! Faminko Taishou" that aired in April, 1987. As you can see, the format they used for these particular segments sort of resembles a proto-Chrontendo, covering the recent releases with running commentary over gameplay footage in roughly chronological order. You can check the uploader's other videos for a few more of these clips as well.

A bunch of these types of broadcasts aired during the height of the Famicom boom (circa '86-'88), often being shown around the Golden Week holidays. The commentator on the right is Mouri Meijin, by the way.

The Professor said...


elblanco said...


Doctor Sparkle said...

BB - you seem to be a valuable font of info on old Japanese videogame related media.

Mouri Meijin looks a little geeky. He lacks Takahashi's baseball-capped, working class appeal.

Unknown said...

I don't know maybe its the beer talking. Or maybe because I just went to my brothers funeral. But I was thinking about it and I started thinking about the Ender books and how they had the concept of a speaker for the dead. Someone who would research and talk about the life of a person, good and bad of the departed. Ans I was thinking Dr. Sparkle is kind of like the speaker for the dead of old Videogames. Someone has to talk for 3 minutes about the significance of a Tose developed golf game for the PC engine. If not who will. Someone has to play it tell us the significance in the big picture of that game. Else it's merits or faults be losses to history. So by all means keep making hour and a half episodes and tell us the history of even the most marginal games. That's what I'm here for. Or maybe its just the beer talking. But I'm looking forward to Chronturbo 4.

Jonathan said...

It's not the beer, Mr. Clements. You are correct.

Doctor Sparkle said...

Sean, your brother died? Jeez, that's awful. I'm sorry to hear about that. Hopefully the new episode will cheer you up a bit.

Chris Sobieniak said...

I wouldn't mind a Facebook page myself!