Sunday, July 7, 2013

Quickie Update

I found a pile of my wife's old LPs and made a video of my discovery. I was quite horrified at some of the things I found there. Check it out here.


Zaygne Torkmar said...

After watching that video, I'm left with one burning question:

What tracks did they put on that "Fonzie" album?

I'm sure it's just a 50's rock and roll :greatest hits" thing, but I love the idea of someone being tasked with figuring out a sitcom character's defining songs.

It's just great when you write about music. Keep it up!

(also: what's the deal with Brian Ferry/Roxy Music? Everyone holds them in such high regard, and I just don't get it. Is it just because I'm a strictly post-punk-person, or am I missing something?)

kendra said...

There's some decent stuff in there, pretty sure if you looked through my teenage record collection you'd find a lot worse. I'm getting embarrassed just thinking about it!

The Professor said...

Fun little video. I had absolutely no clue Tim Curry had released some albums. I'm definitely gonna have to find some of those. I also demand for more Chrontendo episodes to be punched up with "look at these assholes".

GeoX, who is here to stay, like it or not. said...

Yeah, that could've been a lot worse. Penthouse and Pavement is a great album (though The Luxury Gap is the band's best, for my money). Would that I could've liked stuff that cool at that age.

And...say what you will about Visage, but there's no denying that "Fade to Grey" is a genre-defining classic. NO DENYING!, I say.

Doctor Sparkle said...

The Fonzie record looks kind of shady. It appears to be a collection of vintage rock songs, Charlie Brown, Rock Around the Clock, etc. But its on an obscure label called Ahed, so I think it might contain cheaper-to-license re-recordings. It also has this: and God help me, this: The record is so filthy and scratched up I don't want to put it on record player.

There are definitely a few gems in that collection. The one I didn't show because I was listening to it was Vienna by Ultravox.

As for Roxy, they were post-punk, but somehow pre-punk at the same time. And a huge influence on many punk bands and NW/synthpop bands.

Zaygne Torkmar said...

Wow, those two Fonzie songs absolutely exceeded my expectations/fulfilled my imagination of that album.

"Fonzerelli Slide" will probably make its way into my "party" mix.