Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Few Decisions Made

Hey everyone. I'm been putting some thought into how to handle the new series on YouTube, and almost everyone seems to be in agreement that it would be best to use a separate channel.  This is certainly not a bad idea, since not everyone who is into Chrontendo would want to see the movie stuff, and vice versa. Honestly if it weren't for the non-family friendly nature of the series, I don't think it would be a problem. I know people watch Chrontendo at work and so on, so I'll probably end up spinning this off onto a separate Dr. Sparkle channel. I'm not sure if YT allows the same "user" to have multiple channels.

As for concerns of the account getting shut down for various reasons: I don't think this will be a huge issue. In terms of copyright, I know YT will shut down accounts if they get multiple takedown requests from rights holders. But plain-old content match notices are pretty uneventful.  I dunno if you've noticed, but 99% of my videos' content is copyrighted material. I usually just acknowledge them and then ignore them. The Chrontendo account is still in perfectly good standing with YouTube. For most people, content matches only become a problem if they have their channel monetized.

If any of you have uploaded your own videos on Youtube, you'll know that content matches tend to be weird, random bullshit. There isn't a correlation between the copyrightedness of your content and the odds of giving a content match. Music seems to get hit more than video. Sometimes I have no idea why a content match was triggered. So content matches are clearly bogus. At least one episode of Chrontendo isn't viewable in some countries because of a match on some completely obscure Japanese game. Yet I never get matches on any well known games.

In terms of violence, nudity, etc in the videos being a problem.  Well.... kids, it's time for some real talk. (spins chair around and sits down with arms crossed on chair back.) I don't know if you guys dig too deep into the dark recesses of YT, but... there is plenty of sex to see there. You should have no problems finding graphic nudity on YT if that is what you are looking for. Or even if you're not. One fellow told me that after their child was born, they went looking for breastfeeding tips on YouTube and instead found tons of vids that are pretty blatantly aimed at dudes with a breastfeeding fetish. At this point, softcore porn is a sizable YT genre. These aren't obscure vids; some of them rack up millions of views. Heck, if you want to see Cannibal Holocaust, you can watch the whole damn thing on YT:

Anyhoo, I've got a bit of work to do before the debut episode is ready. It might come out around the same time as Chronsega 9. To answer one specific question about which films will be covered: there are three categories of so-called Nasties.  The core 39 Nasties being the ones that ended up on the final DPP list of prosecuted films. Forest of Fear/Toxic Zombies was one of these 39 "true" Nasties. Additionally, there were films that were on the list for a while but were eventually dropped. And finally, there is the DPP Section 3 list: films that could be seized from shops under the less serious Section 3 provision. There are some pretty mainstream films on the Section 3 list, including Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Thing, etc.  Just to give us a wider pool to choose from, I'll select films from all three. Some pretty obscure, interesting films found their way onto the Section 3 list, so I can't ignore that.

Lastly, I've been told I forgot to upload an MKV version of Chrontendo 48. Whoops.  I've rendered one and am uploading it now.


Unknown said...

Hey Dr. Sparkle

You can, indeed, have multiple channels under the same account on YouTube. In your settings menu there should be a "New Channel" option.

Also, re: matched content, there are a lot of bogus claims made against video game music. If you get an odd claim, do a bit of research on the name of the claimant. A lot of them are scammers, and will back down if you challenge the claim.

Be careful, though. Challenging a legit claim can get you shut down.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for being off topic for this post but speaking of the MKVs, what's up with episode 47's MKV being around half the size of the mp4? It seems the bitrate is halved for some reason.

Anyway, I really liked the pilot episode and can't wait for the premiere. Since I'm just getting into obscure films this is perfect.

The Professor said...

Works for me! Godspeed, good Doctor!

Canageek said...

Isn't what you do pretty much the textbook definition of the review exception in the US? Limited sections of gameplay for review purposes?

Anonymous said...

Loved it. Rarely do I sit and watch a long videos like that without skipping ahead on parts... (Yeah, 20 minutes is long for me these days). Can't wait to see more!!

Anonymous said...

Oops, that comment was meant for the other post with YOUR video, not Cannibal Holocaust. Duh.

Skymaster T said...

Yeah. Go under settings and then "See all my channels or create a new channel"

andrew r said...

"Heck, if you want to see Cannibal Holocaust, you can watch the whole damn thing on YT:"

But is it uncensored? Har har thas a joke. Anyway, I'll be watching both Chron-system and Video Nasties.

Doctor Sparkle said...

Yes, I was fooling around on YT, and found the option for adding a channel. There's nothing on it yet, though:

At least for the moment, I'm using the "after dark" name.

Canageek - True, this sort of thing would be legally fair use, but YT can still do anything it wants with the vids hosted on their site. It just means a lawsuit against me would be thrown out.