Monday, May 18, 2009

About that Episode 20

Fans of streaming video might be irked by the lack of streamosity in the last episode of Chrontendo. What's going on, you wonder? Well, Episode 20 suffered from the same issue as Chronsega 3: sync problems with the 256K MP4 file. Poking around's forums, it seems that program they use to derive the smaller size formats was updated sometime in April. Clearly, the updated version doesn't like the AVI files I've been uploading, since it causes much screwiness when it tries to compress them. I think I'll try authoring Episode 21 a little differently and see it that changes things.

Speaking of which, if you're wondering how Episode 21 is coming along, the answer is, "slowly." It's turning out to be sort of a tough nut to crack; it's almost sort of an "all-star" episode. Not only does it feature a mind-blowing three big Konami action adventure games, but also Square's Rad Racer, a forgotten Bomberman sequel from Hudson, Bandai's foray in to the world of RPGs, the first console game in Telenet's Valis series, the first game in Taito/Natsume's Pocky and Rocky series (sans Rocky), a little known shooter from HAL, and sundry bits of video game debris from the likes of Towachiki and Takara. of those Konami games is none other than Castlevania II!

On a somewhat related topic, I've decided to throw up a link to another great gaming site, Hardcore Gaming 101. A bit more than a mere review site, HG101 provides absurdly detailed and exhaustive write ups of classic games, both series and individual titles, with a focus on the forgotten and obscure. I was quite surprised and pleased to find they just posted an article on a game that I was working on for Episode 21, Almana no Kiseki. So check it out for a pseudo-preview of the next Chrontendo.


Kahless_GOA said...

Thanks for the awesome Link, really something i can dig into.
Also I am really looking forward to episode 21, and I want to ask when the first Episode of Chronturbo will launch?

Doctor Sparkle said...

Chronturbo? good question. I'm not exactly sure myself yet. The system was launched in October 1987, so sometime after that. We'll be looking at a few more episodes of Chrontendo, then as we approach the end of 87, Chronturbo Episode 1 and Chronsega 4 will drop.

qaylIS aka Nicolas Deu├čer said...

Sounds great.