Saturday, December 18, 2010

So Blogger Ate My Post

Well, I had a very detailed and insightful post almost ready to go up, comparing the US and Japanese versions of The Adventures of Bayou Billy/Mad City.  It also talked about the weird Jiang-shi game Reigen Doushi/Phantom Fighter.  But, as I was editing in some screenshots, an unfortunate series of keystrokes erased the post, the auto-save kicked in, and now it appears to be permanently lost.

So for the moment, you'll have to be satisfied with this link to the latest Youtube "preview" which looks at the first level of Bayou Billy and its Japanese equivalent, Mad City.


Zaygne Torkmar said...

Keep up the good work, and lose not your heart.

Chrontendo is my favorite currently airing television program by a wide margin!

Chris Osborne said...

As annoying as the WordPress autosave and keeping the drafts can be, it has saved my ass more than a few times. But I feel your pain, I did that all the time before they put that change into the code.

Doctor Sparkle said...

Alysandher - since that's coming from a guy who lists Bros Karamazov as one of his favorite books, I'll accept that as high praise.

Chris - Well, the lost post was just sort of a freak accident on my part, but I do now wish Blogger had some kind of "history" of past saves.

qaylIS aka Nicolas Deu├čer said...

Your lost post confirms Murphys computer law: "Computers help us to solve problems, which we wouldn't have without them."

elblanco said...

so excited so excited so excited!

Like alysandher said, this is pretty much my favorite show of the moment!

Anonymous said...

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