Monday, January 10, 2011


At a restaurant recently, I heard a video game based conversation at the next table ("Wait a second, Dr. Sparkle," you say.  "I thought you were unemployed!  Are you telling me you are using my taxpayer dollars to buy fancy-ass hamburgers and overpriced beer* at some bistro!?"  Yes, that is exactly what I am telling you.)

Guy: So I was playing this video game, called God of War, and there's a part where you have sex with these chicks.  Like, you turn the controller one way, and this girl's top comes off.  And then you press a button and you start going at it...

Girl (laughing): Wow, so, it's like a porno video game?

Guy:  Well, it's just that one part. I didn't even know that would happen.

You have to imagine the conversation in frat boy/fashion victim girl voices.  I'm guessing... God of War 3, maybe?  I assume there's a sex mini-game in that one?  It's always interesting to hear non-gaming geek types talk about such things.

And I'm working on Golvellius, so Chronsega 6 will be ready really soon, I swear.

*Bear Republic Mach 10, incidentally.


Zaygne Torkmar said...

Man, Dr. S. You are totally my favorite "internet personality" You just have such a great attitude. I swear, every other video-game journalist is kind of a dick.

Just speaking as a literary sort of dude, I think your chrontendo series is the best example of New Journalism that I've ever seen. The balance of personal experience and historical data is simply pitch perfect.

Basically, you do brilliant work, and you elevate the literary status of video games.

Oh also, I don't know if anyone let you know, but Jeremy Perish (of recently posted a very nice blog piece regarding the series.

here's the link:

qaylIS aka Nicolas Deußer said...

Don't get me started on these guys who write about videogames who have no clue...I remember a news paper article about Counterstrike, which described that the point based system for terrorists demands of the player to shoot toddlers in the cradle. That was a week before a LAN Party which I wanted to attend to, what was closed down by concerned citizens.
Although over 10 years have past since that, the public oppinion has changed very little, and is still impressed by the public presses take on games.

Anonymous said...

Imagine how it looks when my coworkers see me playing PC-98 porno shogi games!! I try to explain that I'm a completist, and that I don't even LIKE those games, and next thing I know I'm getting marched up to HR...

Anonymous said...

God of War 2, I think, although it wouldn't surprise me to learn that it happens in the third as well.

Doctor Sparkle said...

Alysandher - thanks for the nice comments, though I don't really consider myself to be any sort of journalist or a good writer or anything of that nature. I'm glad to see that folks are appreciating Chrontendo, however.

It's interesting to see the non-specalist media cover video games. I saw a "The Games We Played in 1985" type article recently, which listed SMB and Duck Hunt. The pedant in me said "No one outside of NYC was playing those until 1986!"

I was going see if I could settle the GOW issue on Youtube, but then I felt too self-conscious to type "God of War sex scene" into the search bar.