Thursday, January 27, 2011

Update to the Update to the Update. Plus: an Update!

At this point, I think I'll stop uploading new episodes entirely, and simply post endless updates.  So: at the moment, I'm uploading Chronsega Episode 6 on the Youtoobes, broken into several different chunks.  This won't be a big deal to those of you download the episodes.  But for those that prefer streaming, the quality of the Youtube clips is better than that of 

I've noticed videos on Youtube getting longer and longer nowadays, and not just for people like Kanye West, but also for just regular folks.   It seems the 15 minute length restriction has been listed for some accounts - those who have a "history of complying with Youtube's standards" or something.  As of yet, however, I'm still stuck at 15 minutes, so full episodes will need to be broken into 4-5 pieces for the time being.

This site got a spike in traffic yesterday, perhaps due to this article on Joystiq, which mentions Chrontendo in passing.  The article itself is about another NES-themed blog, one which I have not quite wrapped my head around.  I was taken a bit aback to take a look at the most recent post and immediately encounter the word "universalism," which is either being used incorrectly*, or as a needless variant of "universality."  Of course, I'm the guy who wrote "wheelbarrel," so I have no right to complain.  Still, the blog looks very interesting.

Finally, this is the sort of thing that Twitter is for, but I'll complain about it here.   Marijuana has been virtually legalized in California....  However: it's still bad taste to enter a store smelling so heavily of pot that you leave an odorous trail in the aisles as you walk around.   If you absolutely must hotbox in the parking lot, please move around outside for a minute to let the smell dissipate.  Seriously guys, I could smell you from a good 10 yards away.

*Universalism is the religious doctrine of universal salvation. The reasoning usually being something along that lines that a merciful God would not create a soul that he knew would be damned to hell.  In the US, it's connected to Unitarianism.


Anonymous said...

So you're saying you are not going to be uploading new episodes or are you being sarcastic? I am confused..

qaylIS aka Nicolas Deußer said...

Okay, I understand your problems with the smell of pot, but I got used to it very quickly. I smell it constantly in college. But it still sticks out.

Under other circumstances I would look over the countless bloggs and articles you post, but I am glad that I have time to be up to date on Chrontendo, and have sometimes the time to read an article in Harcoregaming101 or on 1UP. But thanks for the link anyway.

Anonymous said...

hey Doc, someone has started an appreciation thread about you over on Neogaf, about time too!

Doctor Sparkle said...

Yeah, I noticed some traffic coming in from Neo-Gaf all of a sudden. It's nice of that Electric Thunder fellow to spread the word. And I liked that someone stridently defended Spelunker. I had doubts about adding it the worst 10 list myself, but it is one of THE legendary kusoge in Japan and is quite awful in a very unique way - so it was left in.