Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Halloween Quickie

Hey folks, here's our very special, spooky Halloween post! Well, it's not really very spooky. If anything, its appalling at best. All I have for you today, is a quick preview of Chronsega 8. There just happens to be a horror-themed game (sort of) this episode: Basketball Nightmare, which was apparently released only in Europe, in mid 1989. You'll get the see the new, more SMS-appropriate title sequence, as well. Long live Alex Kidd!

Also, as a goofy Halloween bonus, here's a super obscure song by the Australian 70s band, A Raincoat. Like many people, I first encountered this song via its unauthorized usage in Kenneth Anger's short film, Rabbit's Moon. Specifically, the later re-edited Rabbit's Moon from the 1970s; Anger's original version used a selection of classic doo-wop and soul songs. I can't find a good looking transfer of the orginal film on Youtube, but you can see a kind of crummy version here, if avant garde movies from the 1950s are your thing.

Anyway, the recut version of Rabbit's Moon dropped the original soundtrack and replaced it with a totally inappropriate 70s rock song called "It Came in the Dark." In those pre-Google days, people could only hear the song and wonder what the hell it was. "It Came in the Dark" is both utterly stupid and catchy as hell. I'm sure this tune was burned into the brain of just about everyone who saw Rabbit's Moon. Here's the song:

A Raincoat also released a full-length album, the poorly titled Digalongamacs, which featured the Sparks-y I Love You For Your Mind (Not Your Body)." 


ShaneWM said...

Happy Halloween Dr. Sparkle!

Anonymous said...

Hey DrS,

Pretty sure Basketball Nightmare was available in Canada as well as I remember playing this game back in the day.

Doctor Sparkle said...

Anon, I'd say the details of Canadian SMS releases are even fuzzier than those of US and Europe releases. But definitely, some "European Only" seemed to be readily available in the US. Maybe they were imported from up north?

jokker said...

Anon here with a name now :)

Yeah we got a lot of European releases in Canada I think. Probably because the box/manuals were already translated to French and it was a cost saving measure.