Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yo, yo, yo!

Dr. Sparkle checking in here. I'm still hard at work on Chrontendo 28, and it will be ready, one of these days. While I am being laid off, I still have a few more weeks of work, so I am not yet at the "sitting around in my bathrobe all day" stage.

Something I've been aiming to do for a while in my personal life was get down to the De Young Museum in SF for the King Tut exhibit. Well, I finally did, and it was pretty awesome. Fun fact: Tutankhamen was buried with a solid gold dagger, in order to protect himself in the afterlife! Times were so rough back then, you had to pack heat, even when you were dead. I also got a bite to eat at Alembic, a very cool little bar/restaurant. If anyone is located in the Bay Area, I would recommend that place for its very high quality cocktails and food - the cauliflower/sea urchin bisque the wife ordered was fantastic.

And then there is Final Fantasy XIII, a game which I seem to be enjoying, despite the fact that the internet tells me I should not be doing so.

So, Chrontendo 28: it is coming out sometime soon.


qaylIS aka Nicolas Deu├čer said...

Yeah, FF XIII is splitting the community...I think this has a good sign, Sqare Enix still tries to experiment, and not just give the fans what they want. I don't wanna play it though, not just because I don't have a 360 or a PS3, but I lost general interest in Final Fantasy after Playing FF XII for 15 hours or so.

And the ancient egyptians really were jerks. They pull your fucking brains out of your nose, after you die, and transplant all your organs in jars. You could need them in the afterlife after all. And to make sure you don't have to work to much, they burry the slaves with you. But death at least should be fun, the average lifespan was about 30 years...for the upper 1000. Yeah, I think its good these times are over, they had a great sense of architecture and art though.
I think the videogame world needs more egyptians. Okay, Mega Man had Pharaoh-Man, Unreal Tournament 2k3 had egyptian warriors (in space), and Serious Sam blasted the whole fucking ancient egypt six ways to sunday, but thats not enough. And why wasn't there a good "Mummy" Game?

Kevin Moon said...

Greetings, Dr, Sparkle. I've been a follower of yours for the last several months and only now have gotten around to posting something. I discovered your blog/vlog last fall and spent many months eagerly watching every episode, finally getting fully caught up. I just wanted to say that I love, love, love what you're doing and how you're doing it. I wanted to encourage you and let you know there are many of us out here who really appreciate what you're doing. If you ever start to feel discouraged or burnt out, just remember that. We appreciate you.

I don't know if you've heard of or are on the Digital Press forums, but I wanted to spread the word about Chrontendo (et. al.) so that other people could check it out, and I started a thread to help support your vlog. You can see the thread here:

I am sorry to hear that you and your wife were both laid off from work. I hope you are able to ride out the storm and come out on top. (My own future is rather precarious.) We are out here cheering for you. I look forward to the next installment of Chrontendo (and Chronsega/Chronturbo) when you get it completed. Take care.

Zaygne Torkmar said...

I live like a half mile away from the De Young, but I still haven't seen that King Tut exhibit. My girlfriend and I were going to go this past weekend, but it was so lovely that we just ended up wandering around Golden Gate park looking for that inexplicable heard of bison (we found them eventually). I'll have to check out Alembic, as I am a sucker for both good bisque and good cocktails.

I am, of course, eagerly awaiting the next installment of Chrontendo.

qaylIS aka Nicolas Deu├čer said...

Back to former topics, some fella just released a speedrun of Dragon Warrior III on SDA ( ), finished in 5:14 hours. I think I will watch this... . some good preparation for the upcoming Chrontendo 28 I believe...=)

Doctor Sparkle said...

Hmmm, DQ III in five hours? That is pretty quick. I noticed he was taking advantage of a little bug/trick that I neglected to mention when recording the video - namely that you can select the parry option, cancel, and then select attack in the battle menu. This will still raise your defense stats even though you are attacking. Quite helpful for reducing damage.