Friday, July 2, 2010

Whatever Happened to Chronsega 5?

It was promised in June, but as of yet, nothing.... Sorry, but the finishing touches are being worked on now. Various real life factors have been coming up: my wife's car was hit while it was parked (the bastard drove away without leaving a note), my cat was bitten and had to go to the vet for some antibiotics, my mother has needed some assistance with her swimming pool, and I am currently doing a bit of painting in the house. And in a few days we have the Fourth of July! For those not familiar with US holiday customs - it involves barbecue and setting off fireworks. So it's sort of like Guy Fawkes day only it doesn't celebrate the torture and execution of a particular individual.

Oh, and of course, I spent 48 hours camped outside of my local movie theater waiting for Twilight tickets to go on sale. You guys did that too, right?

Well, anyway, check back in a couple days for the new Chronsega.

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qaylIS aka Nicolas Deu├čer said...

Oh yeah, the fourth of july...I could say what it meant similar to the guy fawkes day, but I think I pass on this one.
Though our politically most blown up holiday in germany, the "day of the german union", which was set after east germany rejoined west germany in 1989 isn't celebrated much, mostly it lies most of the years on saturday and sunday. People believe it was set on that day (3rd of October btw) just because of that, and it is some kind of "holiday conspiracy". I am very critical about that stuff...these is just the tip of the iceberg of german holiday management.