Wednesday, June 23, 2010

See! I Told You This Would Happen!

Seven posts in one month! A long time ago, I told you I was going to start posting on a more regular basis, and now I am finally doing it! And since Chronsega 5 should be ready soon, we'll probably have a total of eight posts, smashing all previous posting records.

Undoubtedly part of this is due to the whole "laid off" thing. Suddenly having an extra 9 hours, minimum, of time each day certainly opens up some new possibilities. There are definite benefits, like actually obtaining that 8 hours of sleep that all human beings are supposed to get each night. A friend of mine admitted she had quite a bit of trouble sleeping after being recently laid off; I was just the opposite. Once I was handed my walking papers, my insomnia instantly cleared up.

On the other hand, once everyone knows you're not working, you suddenly become the go-to guy for feeding pets while the owner is on vacation, picking up kids from school and so on. So everything balances out in the end.

And one last thing, Chronsega Episode 5 will be a slightly different; it will feature 17 games instead of the previously standard 15. A few of Ep. 5's games are a little bit, shall we say, lacking in "interesting qualities." There's only so much you can say about Maze Walker, so I tacked on a new extra games to beef up the length.

Oh, and I created a 1-Up profile for no particular reason, other than to occasionally comment on something. I've decided to re-post relevant Chrontendo blogs there. (But not this one. This post is a Chrontendo Blogspot exclusive!).


qaylIS aka Nicolas Deußer said...

Chronsega 5 this month? nice =)
Though I am a bit worked out, watching the Soccer World Championship (maybe you followed it, the US-team made the eight-finale for now...the german team too, but they played like shit), and playing Pokemon Soul Silver like insane.

Doctor Sparkle said...

Ah yes, that's right. You Europeans are into your soccer. The US doing as well as they have means the interest level has been raised a bit over here - enough for right wingers on TV and radio to start complaining about soccer - but it will pass soon.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say; great site and great work. I love watching your videos, and I earnestly hope you make it to the end of the Famicom, Master System and PC Engine libraries. So many of the most interesting games are yet to come!

Best of luck!

qaylIS aka Nicolas Deußer said...

yeah, the soccer world championship must be very uninteresting in the US. I personally never got the hang of Base- and American Football after all, that makes us even...I think. Or at least I hope.

Molokidan said...

Hello, big fan of Chrontendo here. I wait in excitement every week for the newest episode! I was noticing, however, that a lot of Japanese games are going rather uncovered in this epic chronology due to text issues/incomprehensibility.

So I wanted to extended a hand of assistance! I live in Japan, have been for the past few years, and work as a professional translator (as well as play a ton of games) so I can handle the language pretty well. If you ever need any information on certain games when you can find none, or would like some other nugget of info, please let me know. It would be an honor to assist the Chrontendo cause.

Doctor Sparkle said...

Hey Molokidan, welcome aboard. When I started this project, I knew the language barrier would be a problem at some point, since I don't understand much Japanese beyond たたかう and はなす and the like. I justify this by telling myself most of those text-heavy games probably aren't very interesting anyway (eg: Hoshi Wo Sagashite in the upcoming Chronsega 5). As an American male, I am genetically incapable of asking for assistance on anything, but I truly appreciate the offer. If I have any questions should I email you? If you want to send me your email address you can do so at dizzoctersparkle at