Monday, June 14, 2010

Why Hello, There!

Not that I am really planning on turning Chrontendo into an alcohol post, but I was a little surprised to walk into my local big-box liquor store and find a large display of Hello Kitty wines near the front door. Including, I believe, Pinot Noir and a Brut sparkling wine. There were maybe four different varieties on sale.

Are there any markets Sanrio has not tried to tap into yet?

In other news, I'm trying to decide which sounds more ridiculous: "Natal" or "Kinect." I am in favor of the XBox 360 slim, however. One thing I absolutely hate about the 360 is that it is without a doubt the noisiest console I've ever heard.


Cornervizion said...

Well I'm sure Dr.S that your aware of this product. According to this blog the product has been relaunched.

The HK Champers sounds tasty too.

Doctor Sparkle said...

So the Hello Kitty vibrator is officially a "shoulder massager?" I'm a bit skeptical that anyone could produce a penis-shaped vibrating object such as that, and then be surprised when people think of it as a sex toy.

Unknown said...

From what I understand, calling it a "massager" is a legal loophole to get around states that have anti-sex toy laws. It's still funny to imagine someone actually using it on their shoulders though.

Chris Sobieniak said...

I feel Sanrio has already fulfilled my quota when it comes to where they can stick that little kitty on.

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