Saturday, November 27, 2010


It turned out to be an interesting Thanksgiving.  The meal was pretty darned complicated, and at one point, involved slicing about a million shallots.  Me being an impetuous, hasty sort of guy, I ended up cleanly slicing off a sliver of my thumb.  This was done with a mandoline, a device that seems do be explicitly designed to cause kitchen injuries, as it involves repeatedly passing your fingers over a very sharp blade.*  It was a small piece, but still large enough that I very quickly realized it was going to require an emergency room visit. 

Since I had guests coming over in a few hours, and a partially cooked turkey in the oven, I knew there was no way I could just dash off to the hospital, so using some heavy cotton pads and medical tape, I bound it the best I could and wore a latex glove to keep blood from dripping.  With my wife's help, I was able to complete dinner without major incident.  After everyone had left that evening, I rushed over the ER where they were able to stop the bleeding. 

My thumb is currently all bandaged up, making it difficult to do things like button a shirt or move a mouse, and completely impossible to press buttons on a controller.   So this means I'll be trying to play Adventures of Bayou Billy with my index finger.  Great.

In the meantime, Episode 34 is pretty close to completion, so you should see it in a few days.

*The doctor even described it as a "pretty typical mandoline injury."  Its nice to know I'm not the only one.


Kevin Moon said...
(C'mon, you knew this was coming!)

P.S.--Get better soon.

garsh said...

That sucks. I hope it heals okay. Button pressing appendages are important these days.