Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Final Fantasy, in Beer Form

Update!  The Squall Double IPA has been consumed and turned out to pretty decent, though a bit mild for a DPIA.  I wouldn't place it in the same weight class as the big California Double IPAs such Pliny the Elder or Stone's Ruination.  I guess I'm just a chauvinist when it comes West Coast brewing styles.  Wine snobs may dismiss Cali wines, but our beers are pretty unbeatable.

As Chrontendo Episode 39 is prepared for editing, I thought I'd share this tangentially related beer offering.

This is a Double IPA from Dogfish Head, a rather media-savvy brewer from Delaware, (they had their own reality show and an article in Smithsonian.)   The Double IPA is the most quintessentially West Coast-y of beers, so I'm a bit skeptical of the results.  Hopefully, it will taste plenty angsty and bitter.  And maybe a little bitchy?


garsh said...

If it's anything like other beers, it should just taste like earwax and failure.

parish said...

Careful. You're gonna end up amnesiac and prone to falling in love with bratty teenage girls.

Chris Osborne said...

Nut browns for the win.

chris said...

If you take a shot of whiskey at the right moment while drinking this it does double alcohol damage.

arthurgolden said...

Side-note: There's a new (verified, non-TAS) speedrun of Amagon up at Speed Demos Archive